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If you haven’t yet discovered the world of public domain art, this website is such a fantastic resource that could change your life!  Our collections feature 1000s of pictures and your mind will be racing as to what you can make with them….. Framed prints, postcards, card-making embellishments such as decoupage and pyramage, pictures for Facebook posts, calendars, bookmarks, fridge-magnets, mugs, bags, boxes, artists’ trading cards and so much more.

We’ve got whole DVDs dedicated to the work of numerous artists. All of the images on the discs are out of copyright and in the public domain in the UK, US and all countries that follow the same copyright rules, and therefore can be used as many times as you like without paying any royalties or commissions to anyone!

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We’ve also put together some multi-DVD collections, enabling you to save a lot of money!

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Biography – Cecil Aldin

Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin (28 April 1870 – 6 January 1935), was a British artist and illustrator best known for his paintings and sketches of animals, sports, and rural life. Aldin executed village scenes and rural buildings in chalk, pencil and also wash sketching. He was an enthusiastic sportsman and a Master of Fox Hounds, and many…

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Biography – Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham (19 September 1867 – 6 September 1939) was an English book illustrator. He is recognised as one of the leading literary figures during the Golden Age of British book illustration. His work is noted for its robust pen and ink drawings, which were combined with the use of watercolour. Rackham’s 51 colour pieces for the Early…

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Gilbert Holliday

I paid a visit to my favourite little Mencap charity bookshop today.  Almost invariably when I go there I come back with something old and interesting (at a bargain price!) so I’m always filled with anticipation when I go.  I’m like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to old books! Today was…

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Vintage Ad

I love vintage ads, so much so I have several on my walls at home.  I think it’s the nostalgia and the history of them – a snapshot of a time gone by.  I came across this one (and plenty more) in an old Canadian publication called the Farmer’s Magazine from 1913. Great isn’t it?…

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